Milionis Testimonials

We are very proud of our testimonials at Milionis Homes. We have testimonials from customers and other professionals we work with in the building industry. As you have seen, we have included quotes from our testimonials throughout the site. This page is dedicated to testimonials with the intent of making the full content available just as it was written. Thank you for taking the time to read these and we hope to be talking to you soon.

While house hunting in Liberty Lake, a friend walked us through an exceptionally beautiful “Milionis” home being built in his neighborhood. We were very fortunate to meet Steve, who took the time to explain his process to two novices who didn’t even consider building until that day. Steve is so easy to talk to; we knew immediately that we wanted to work with him. He understood all of our concerns, having been through it all as an accomplished Custom Home Builder, and put all of our worries to rest with one simple phrase, “we can make it work.” Steve accompanied us to every lot we were interested in to get an idea of what to build, and we discussed those ideas at length before we even signed a contract with him. He was very involved from start to finish, and encouraged us to stop by frequently to check on the progress. We called him with both ideas and concerns as they popped up, and he always got back to us in a timely manner. His sub- contractors were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and would always say great things about Steve, completely unprompted. What impressed us the most was after we had already moved in, and Steve said to call him if we notice anything that needs to be touched up. When you are handed the keys to your beautiful new house, it is really easy to overlook small things, but Steve was there to touch up paint and fix grout that had settled incorrectly, even after being there for 6 months!
We love our Milionis home, thank you Steve!
Jed & Loretta
We were delighted beyond our expectations with our custom home built by Steve Milionis. Steve, his sons, staff and crew demonstrated building expertise, craftsmanship and great working relationships during all phases of construction. Steve was extremely easy to work with and was flexible when the build necessitated several modifications during the construction process. Steve and his son Scott offered suggestions that we had not considered that enhanced the beauty, functionality and made our home one of a kind. We had a very challenging hillside lot with significant potential. Steve and his son Sam met the challenge maximizing our 200 degree view and creating rock walls that surrounded and showcased our beautiful home. Steve and his team understood and exceeded all of our desires for a home that met our lifestyle. The finishing touches, recommendations and talents of Renee in interior design combined with Steve’s attention to detail, and workmanship of his crew made our home a real head turner; stunning inside and out. Steve strives and exceeds customer satisfaction before, during and after construction is complete. We highly recommend Milionis Homes to anyone considering building a custom home.
--Brent Burgquam and Ardith Wells
We are so happy up here in Legacy and with our new home. We love our Milionis home.
--Ron and Andrea Hart
We are very happy with our home. Steve paid special attention to detail and finish work. Only high quality materials were used to complete our fabulous home. We would recommend him to anyone, and would be happy to show them our home.
- Brad and Julie Hoyt

We contracted with Steve Millionis the winter of 2011-12 to build our retirement home in Spokane Valley. We are pleased with the house – its just what we had envisioned.
During the last few weeks, Steve orchestrated the final push to get us moved into the house under our deadline. It was quite impressive seeing him in action with as many as five subs at one time during the final days. Well done, Steve.
– Gene and Connie Cada
Over the past 5 years, Milionis Homes has become a trusted partner with us. As Architects, we are very careful about who we refer our clients to when the design of a new home is complete and the time comes to select a contractor.
The Milionis family has proven to be one of our most trusted builders in the Inland Northwest. They consistently deliver their projects on time and on-budget. Their integrity, knowledge and experience in the construction of custom homes has allowed us to not only refer our clients to them, but also involve them in our design process.
- Ryan Neary
Our experience with Milionis Homes during the construction of our home is that they listened to and tried to understand what we need, then find a solution for it. Often times when we could not make up our minds, they helped to make decisions based on our interest and their experience in the business. During the construction period, they worked diligently with all parties. Most of the time they had one of their members on site, either working or monitoring the progress. After the construction they continue to provide the services and help even not related to them. It is a peace of mind knowing that you will become friends after the intense construction of a custom home (those who have gone through similar process will smile). We love to recommend them to our friends because we know that they will be here to help, even after the business is done. We love them.
- Hong & Lihua Huang
For the past nine plus years I have focused my business on selling custom lots and custom homes. During this period I have encountered numerous builders…unfortunately with some mixed results…until I met and worked with Steve Milionis. Because of the type of clients I work with my standards and expectations are quite high. Milionis Homes consistently meets and exceeds those standards. He listens to my clients, asks the right questions and makes appropriate suggestions. In this environment people are looking for value, quality and extraordinary customer service. I can say without reservation that Milionis Homes excels in all of these areas. I suppose the ultimate endorsement is that Milionis Homes would be the builder of choice for my own home or any of my family or friends. Steve does not just build homes…he builds lifetime relationships.
- Randy Long
Managing Broker
Century 21 Beutler and Associates
I am writing on behalf of Steve Milionis, to recommend him as a Custom Home Builder. It has been my great pleasure to know Steve Milionis over the past eight years as Custom Home Builder and as an extremely personable man. I have been in Lending over the past eleven years, in my experience, Steve is dependable, discrete, likeable, loyal, honest, enthusiastic and realistic in his expectations. I have worked with many Builders over the past several years, and Steve Milionis stands head and shoulders over most, not only in demonstrated initiative, intelligence and creativity, but also in his ability to function as a productive member of his team. His intellect is matched by his ability to communicate clearly, and to project an open, friendly persona to others regardless of their level of expertise. Steve Milionis has excellent communication skills; positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance his natural leadership qualities. Steve’s willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable him to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems. I have observed Steve Milionis’s involvement in a variety of projects that demonstrate his continuing deep commitment to Building Quality Custom Homes. For example, he has built several breath taking homes in Legacy Ridge overlooking Liberty Lake, a remarkable achievement.
I believe Steve Milionis to be an excellent Custom Home Builder and have no doubt h e will prove a valuable asset like no other Builder you have met. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.
- Grant Kuwada

When we decided to build a new home we had no idea what we were getting into. We visited another area custom home builder with an impressive office and staff. We walked away asking ourselves some important questions to consider before choosing a builder. What was most important to us, second to building a quality home? It came down to trust and a relationship. After all… this was going to be a close relationship over the coming 8-9 months. Shortly after that we met Steve Milionis. From the moment we met him we knew that he was someone we would be able to work with day in and day out over the course of the months ahead. Initially it was not much more than a handshake, but we soon agreed upon a house plan, a fair contract and we broke ground. Steve jumped through all of the hoops with our HOA to meet their strict guidelines approval so we did not have to deal with it at all. additionally, Steve was instrumental in offering suggestions in areas of construction and design that we never considered and might have been overlooked by a builder with less experience. The Milionis “crew” included his son Sam Milionis who performed all of the excavation on our tricky hillside lot and some extra landscaping preparation for us at a very reasonable cost. Sam also wore a number of other hats during the building process. Steve also provided us with a personal designer, Renee Greensword. She was invaluable in helping make so many personal choices including; flooring, paint colors, tile and interior design. Steve himself was onsite nearly every day during the entire building process. He always welcomed us onsite and we had numerous informal, impromptu meetings as we proceeded to make sure everything was just as we wanted. Whenever anything came up that we had a
concern over or needed to change, he would guide us with his honest opinion and make any changes along the way, always advising us first} of the costs to upgrade or waiver from the original contract. In addition, all of his sub-contractors were professional and personable. We have been living in our new Milionis home for 2 months now and are enjoying it more and more each day. Although the project is finished Steve is still in contact with us to make sure we are 100% satisfied with our home. Needless to say we would highly recommend him to anyone considering building a custom home.
--Ron & Diane Rudnick
In the fall of 2008, while going through an open house in Liberty Lake, WA, my wife and I had the good fortune to meet builder Steve Milionis, of Milionis Homes. We had toured many homes and were extremely impressed with the house design and quality of the construction, so we asked Steve if he was available to discuss building a home for us within the coming year. Over the following months, Steve listened attentively to our needs, put together a proposal and worked with us to find an appropriate building site. He was very professional in his approach, and was always open and willing to share his construction insights while discussing the project details. Steve exhibited good common sense and an uncanny ability to pull all the pieces together in short order as construction time drew near. Throughout the six months of construction we were welcomed at the construction site and never felt our presence there was bothersome to the crews. Steve always sought our input if questions arose and worked with suppliers to meet our desires while keeping the home within budget. Change orders were minimal and were made only to meet our needs. Milionis Homes is a family-owned and operated business and like Steve, his two sons are professional, hard working, personable and respectful young men. The crews they use were all top notch and worked together seamlessly. We could not be happier with our home nor with our experience working with Milionis Homes. We would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, quality builder, who can get the job done right the first time, on schedule and within budget.
-Rick and June
Steve is an exceptional builder that has extensive knowledge and a true understanding as to what it takes to build a quality product. He cares about the satisfaction of his clients and works tirelessly to accomplish that goal. Along with his wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail, he’s easy to work with and pays attention to the needs and wants of each of his clients. I always have his cards on hand, and never hesitate to recommend him to those thinking of building a home.
- Colleen Samson
Century 21 Realty
Our house is a complete custom home starting from floor plan design. Our experience working with Steve and his two sons (Scott and Sam) was great, they were very professional, detail oriented, and best of all they listened to what we wanted and worked with us patiently to find the best solution to get to what we wanted. They were always available when we needed to talk to them in person. We are very happy with Milionis Homes and love their high quality work. We strongly recommend them to anyone who are interested in building their dream home.
--Steve & Mary Wu
To Build your dream house, you need a dream team of builders. We were very confident that we had made the right choice by selecting Milionis Homes for our project. Our confidence was totally justified.
Steve Milionis, the father and the master home builder, provided overall project planning and management. Scott the older son had day-to-day responsibility throughout every phase of our project and is a journeyman electrician; Sam, the other son is the master heavy equipment operator, excavator and grader. Each was responsive to every phone call, text and email. From concrete to closets, every subcontractor was the best in their field; every tradesperson was a true craftsman
Seeing is believing and what we see is better than what was in our minds.
--Marc and Tina Margulis
Steve and his crew at Milionis Homes helped make the building of our home most enjoyable. His attention to detail, follow-up and integrity allowed us to comfortably leave everything in his hands while we were on vacation. We highly recommend Milionis Homes to any who is considering building a custom home.
--Dick and De Scott
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