Milionis Designs and Builds Custom Homes

We Design and Build Exactly What You Want

Milionis Homes is dedicated to helping our clients create their dream homes. If you are currently working with a custom home design professional we will build the home for you. We will also help you develop your design prior to the building of your luxury custom home. After listening to your wants, likes and needs, we will help you perfect a design that is beautiful and functional. Throughout the design process your desires and best interests will be our guiding principle. Our team will be your team throughout the building of your custom home. We will provide the information and expertise you need to make excellent decisions. When the vision of your dream home is clearly defined and understood the Milionis design team will go to work. We will incorporate current codes and leading edge building technology to create the look and feel you want within the framework of a strong, solid, energy efficient home built to last for generations.

We Provide Up To Date Smart Home Expertise

An important part of the design process is to make you aware of the exciting new features and benefits that smart home technology can make available to you. The Milionis design process ensures that smart home technology is built in to your new custom luxury home. Up to date smart home expertise will be available to you as a client of Milionis Homes.

Energy Efficient Building Is Our Passion and Our Duty

Energy efficiency has become a complex subject that requires careful planning and attention to detail throughout the entire building process. Meeting and exceeding current regulatory requirements can be difficult, especially in luxury custom homes. Computer software is routinely used to perform the energy calculations required for a complex home design. Every tradesman that works on your home will be required to make sure their work conforms to stringent energy regulations.The design team at Milionis Homes will work behind the scenes to make sure your home meets or exceeds all current regulations. Everyone working on your home will pay close attention to energy related fine points during the entire building process. Steve Milionis considers it his duty to assure that your Milionis home performs in the top of its class.

Style and Craftsmanship Inside and Out

Steve Milionis has excellent communication skills; positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance his natural leadership qualities. Steve’s willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable him to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems.

I have observed Steve Milionis’s involvement in a variety of projects that demonstrate his continuing deep commitment to Building Quality Custom homes. For example, he has built several breath taking homes in Legacy Ridge overlooking Liberty Lake, a remarkable achievement.

I believe Steve Milionis to be an excellent Custom Home Builder and have no doubt he will prove a valuable asset like no other Builder you have met.

- Grant Kuwada